Health Minister calls for financial incentives for COVID-19 workers

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Dr. Khaled Al-Saeed, Kuwait’s Minister of Health, requested the Civil Service Commission (CSC) to approve his request for financial allowances to be offered to all medical staff who handle Coronavirus (COVID-19) patients and other contagious diseases. In a press statement, the Minister noted that this was in response to a CSC decision dated 13/2020 granting financial bonuses for employees working in hazardous, noisy, infected and polluted working conditions.

Health Minister calls for financial incentives for COVID-19 workersAccording to him, all categories of the medical staff are prone to hazardous situations, and infections, which resulted in most of them becoming infected due to their direct, indirect, and ongoing contact with COVID-19 patients. According to him, the Ministry has not yet been informed by the CSC of its decision regarding the matter, which requires the Commission to notify the Ministry of its decision in order to allow the Ministry to follow up with the required procedures.

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